About Bold Canary Boutique

Mission Statement

To help build self-esteem and respect through fashion. To build the status that it’s okay to be innovative and appreciate diversity. BOLD Canary believes in taking some risk and embracing fashion and excellence. Our company will respect and treat each employee and customer as a member of the family.

Core Values

Delivering Quality Items, Helping Build our Customers' Self-Esteem, and Providing Unique Designs.

What We Do

Bold Canary is not just about selling you Ladies and Gents' clothing and accessories. It's about encouraging people to be confident about themselves. Helping increase self-esteem in communities across our nation. We want our product to make you feel good about your appearance as well as who you are as a person. When you enter our site, we don't want you to think your just buying clothes to wear. We want you to look at it as your buying items to reinforce your confidence and your Boss style when you step outside your house. It is our job to provide products that will help you invest in yourself. Also, a percentage of all sales made each year will get donated to a mental health youth focused organization, a non-profit organization that helps low income senior citizens with bills, or a non-profit veterans assistance organization. We love our community and want to do what we can to make sure no one is left out.


Making a Bold statement in the Fashion World.