Start Paying Attention (Diagnoses of Mental Health Illnesses are on the rise)

Start Paying Attention (Diagnoses of Mental Health Illnesses are on the rise)

Judging others without trying to understand them…

This article is not about race or gender. This article is about mental health awareness. For far to long people have been stereotyped, belittled, abused, and just flat out dismissed and push to the side for reasons we don’t understand or just don’t want to deal with. Well, now is the time to pay attention. Now is the time to provide our support. Now is the time to make a difference on how people perceive individuals with a mental health illness. Our loved ones, our neighbors, our friends are being physically and or mentally abused and some have lost their lives due to the fact that people didn’t realize they were having a mental crisis. Some families are quick to say there’s nothing wrong with that person because they don’t want someone they know to be labeled, judged, or embarrassed, but we can’t continue down that path; we must understand that they may have an illness and resources are out there for them. They don’t have to go through it alone. We as humans have an obligation to be our brothers and sisters’ keeper, we as people need to open our eyes, ears, and hearts and listen. Some people don’t know how to outright say “I need help,” or maybe they do know they need help and they are just afraid to say something because they are worried about what people may think, but they always, one way or another give you a clue that they are begging for help. I get it, some people may not want your help, but it doesn’t mean we can’t try and lend an ear or just a unjudgmental heart. I’m not saying put yourself in danger. If there’s immediate danger, please call 9-1-1, let them know someone is having a mental crisis, and let them handle the situation. We can’t help and save everyone but if we can reach one at a time, we are clearly making progress in this world. Be that support system for your loved ones. Rise for a cause and be the change! PRIA BAUSS rose for this cause and we’re making a change one at a time.

What are some ways you have helped someone? Do you have some tips that you cans share to help us, help others? What has been your experience when dealing with someone with a mental health illness?

*Please do not use individual’s names or any identifying information when answering these questions. We want to make sure we maintain their confidentiality.

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