Living with a Mental Health Illness

Living with a Mental Health Illness

Never thought I or any anyone in my family would be a victim…

My name is Christel Johnson, and it has definitely been a different experience for me in last 24 months, and once the pandemic hit, I was about to lose it. I was working harder than ever, I thought things were finally going to slow down at work. Boy was I wrong. I'm sure that's what a lot of us thought (Shaking my head). Also, I had been having a hard time with my son; he was acting out so much and he wasn’t himself. He acted in ways that really scared me and honestly I think he also scared himself at times. So, about 24 months ago we looked for someone that could help him, but we couldn't find a licensed therapist or clinic in my insurance network that was accepting new pediatric patients. I got so frustrated and just gave up. My husband and I was trying to figure out how to help him ourselves. Eventually things got worse. So, I started looking again about 11 months ago, and finally we found a physician that was taking new patients. My son was diagnosed with depression. I cried to my God and thanked him for helping us really find out what was going on with him? I also asked him to please show me my true path. I wanted my own business where I could help others and try to make a difference. I eventually came up with the idea of opening an online boutique. A boutique that was not only for women but for men too. Also, I wanted this business to really support confidence, motivation, acceptance, and ambition. My family went through a lot when my son was going through his rough time. So, I wanted my business to help bring awareness to Mental Health because there’s no reason it should have taken us so long to find help for my son. We didn't really no where to start. So, I decided to support mental health organizations by donating a percentage of my clothing brand sales to them at the end of the year to help them bring Mental Health Awareness to the forefront. It's crazy though, because I too was diagnosed with depression in February. Never in a million years did I think I would be battling with such an illness. 

I also have a page on my site that is dedicated to resources for mental health and I couldn’t’ be happier. Here I am today, after the trying times, long nights, doubts, and frustration a business owner of my own boutique that's focused on building up the people in our society instead of tearing them down. So, to all my BAUSSES, just know anything is possible if you put your mind, heart, tears, and energy into what you want. We must lift and support each other. I’m grateful, I am thankful, I AM BLESSED.

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